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Beacon’s Closet, The Online Store

If you’re into vintage/thrifted clothes and you’ve been to New York chances are you’ve heard of Beacon’s Closet. Until now I did not realize they had an online store as well as their three New York locations.

When I found out they had an online store I was a little bit hesitant because I’ve noticed most online vintage stores are over priced for the content they carry. When I say over priced I in no way mean expensive, in most cases it’s simply the idea that I know I could find the same/similar pieces for much less on my own.

For that very reason I am not a fan of online vintage stores but Beacon’s Closet may become an exception. Their online site is affordable, has a wide range of content, and is perfect for buyers like me who aren’t always in NY.

My favorite sections of the site are men’s & women’s footwear & outerwear. I feel like these sections had the best products.

Some things I might seriously whip out my debit card for:





If anything I’ll buy this poncho.

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