Above Standard Issue


The name “Above Standard Issue” comes from the thought of standard issue clothing and culture. In the military when uniforms are issued they are said to be standard issue, government issued wear for service members. In the military a service member must wear the uniform whether it’s a BDU: battle dress uniform or a formal uniform.

In society “standard issue” works much in the same way. Society prescribes trends based on manufacturers, brands, and celebrities. Trends tend to dictate what the mass of the population wears and what is seen as acceptable.

However in order to be ahead of fashion you must be Above Standard Issue, thus the concept and name of the blog was born.

Here at ASI we don’t tie ourselves down with society prescribed trends, we establish the trends, and we bring you closer to those who create the trends. We’re building it organically, from boutiques, small brands, and thrift stores up.

Welcome to convenient culture.

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