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DIY: The Collar

The Sophistication of Collars on clothing wear has somehow made a major statement in the past year of 2011. Coming into 2012, the impression still stands.

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Collars are no longer just seen as a part of business attire or just for men but is now defined as an accent of just looking sleek. Almost everyone has a collared, long sleeve button down just hanging in their clothes, just waiting for its owner [you] to pull it of they’re devoted companion; the hanger. Just grab the shirt, grab some studs, buttons, WHATEVER, and just have the time of your life re-creating.

Need inspiration, jump right onto Youtube.com. There are over 230 videos that come up right when you search “DIY Collar.” I know after I finish my homework, I will be at a store either getting studs & chains or just buttons. I hope my roommate is ready for the mess because the ideas in my mind are endless.

Once I’m done, I’ll make sure to post some pictures. Fashion is not just what you see and buy, but also what you create just for yourself.

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