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The LONGEST Hunt of My Life

About two years ago I read this interview of a model (who’s name at the moment escapes my mind) who was talking about her perfect everyday outfit. While I can’t remember her name I remember exactly what she said her perfect outfit would be:

-An oversized white T-shirt

-black leather pants

-ankle boots

-simple jewerly

For some reason the idea of this outfit has always stuck with me. I think it’s because the outfit was so transparent, so clean.

Unfortunately I have all but one of these items, the item I’m missing is the black leather pants. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair ever since I read this interview.

For one, I love tight pants. Two, I love how classic leather is; I say this meaning I don’t think leather can ever really go out of style. Leather is like denim, essential to ¬†American fashion culture.

A couple of months ago I was ecstatic when I saw H&M was releasing some black and brown leather pants. When I finally got a pair I hated the way they fit and ended up returning them.

Since then H&M has released another pair of leather pants but I haven’t been too pressed to buy them for fear of the same disappointment.

Recently I found some leather pants I like online, they just might be my next purchase!

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