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Jesse Boykins: Staying Humble Within His Genius

I found out about Jesse Boykins III today, I’m just listening to him and exploring his biography etc. Usually when I find out about a new artist I listen to them for a while, decide where they fit musically, and decide whether they’re someone I could listen to as they grow. However when I stumbled across JB3’s video “Zoner” today I knew he had a place in my iTunes, iPod, and iPhone.

His sound is so refreshing think of a male version of Erykah Badu over synth beats. He brings the soul of Anthony Hamilton with the vibe of Frank Ocean and Outkast back in the day. From reading his story he’s extremely gifted, schooled, and classically trained in music from just about all aspects of the industry.

Honestly I’m listening to him right now wondering why I haven’t heard of him before. His music is beyond words. And oh, he seems to be a fashion icon/photographer to watch out for too! He’s all around amazing, I introduce you to, Jesse Boykins III.

Here’s the first introduction I got to him: Zoner

Visit his website to download his latest mixtape: jesseboykinsiii.com/

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