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Analog Feel

For Christmas I got a Fujifilm Instax 210, wide format. The Instax 210 is a polaroid camera which produces wide format pictures that develop within 5 minutes of the shot being taken.

Being someone who has largely grown up in the age of digital photography the Instax 210 is a nice change. I remember film cameras and I still have my first film camera, a Pentax, however by the time I really got into photography analog was out of style.

Even though this is not my first analog camera since my Pentax it’s become my most used one because I don’t have to process the film. Polaroid is the best of both worlds, it gives me the vintage style and marvel of analog photography and the instant gratification of digital photography.

So far I’m really enjoying my Fujifilm 210 Instax, the only downsides are, film is quite expensive $20 for 10 exposures (one pack of film), the 210 is quite bulky because it produces wide format pictures making it twice the size of the other instax cameras, and the automatic flash can often overexpose an image. All in all I like it and am highly considering buying another Polaroid that uses 600 film.

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