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Attack of the Nerds!!

Okay, I shouldn’t be mixing fashion and basketball together but this is something that caught my eye over the pass few weeks. I am a huge Oklahoma City Thunder fan and congrats to them for making the Western Conference Finals again. Throughout the NBA playoffs I’ve been watching most of their post-game interviews. And both of the Thunder’s star players, Point Guard Russell Westbrook and Small Forward Kevin Durant, have been taking some heat for their post-game outfits. Both have been criticized for their “nerdy” eye glasses look.

However, Westbrook is taking most of the heat with his colorful pattern polos and colorful eye glasses. The outfit that caught everyone’s attention was when he wore a fisherman hook print Lacoste Polo. I personally loved the polo, it looked nerdy but Westbrook was able to pull it off with the slim khaki’s and sneakers. There have been many opinions on this outfit, some say it’s fashionable and some say it’s a bad look. And ever since that incident, Westbrook has been wearing similar polos and button-downs of which I all love. The polo’s are very colorful and of different patterns.

What do you think? Is this “nerdy” look from both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant a good look? Or is it a bad look and do they need to stop? Do you think these guys are making a fashion statement? For my opinion, I personally like their nerdy/hipster look.

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