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The Fancy

A couple weeks ago I was scrolling through Kanye West’s timeline on twitter looking for a daily dose of inspiration when I came across a link to a new app called “Fancy”. That tap was probably one of my most productive decisions I’ve made in the history of my iPhone. To sum it up, “Fancy” is an online picture catalog with a layout resembling instagram that has images of fashion, geographic places, food, cool gadgets, media, pretty much everything you could think of. But not only is a cool to look at, if something catches your eye it then provides a detailed description of the image and if it’s a product it gives you a link to where you can purchase the item.

For example, when I first got “Fancy” I found a Mickey Mouse crewneck that I thought was pretty dope so I added it too my favorites(fancy’d) it and then found out who was carrying it just so I could get an idea of how reliable the carrier was. So far I haven’t come across any unusual source when it’s came too clothing and I doubt I will as “Fancy” seems to be on their stuff. “Fancy” also has an official website(http://www.thefancy.com/) and you can do everything you’re able to do on the app.

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