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DIY Inspired

When I was living at home (aka not a college dorm) I was constantly experimenting on my clothes and any other random objects I could possess without them being missed. Now that I’m at school I have a lot less freedom and space to experiment.

Regardless I’ve been thinking it’s time to start a couple projects.

They are as follows in the order I’m going to work on them:

1)  Heart Elbow Patches, I’m a big fan of patches on jackets, blazers, & sweaters.

2) Wool Camera Wrap simply because I love my camera & the plain black Nikon bag is not cutting it anymore.

3) Leather Phone Envelope because sometimes I get tired of the hard cases.

4) Chevron Pasta Necklace since I’m a big fan of bold necklaces, might even experiment with this concept to create a collar type thing. Hmm…

5) Collar Tips because I wear a lot of collared shirts and it would add a nice little pop.

I’m going to try doing one of these projects a week starting the last week of February. I’ll keep you up to date and show off my creations.

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