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Buffalo Exchange x Chelsea NYC

Earlier this week I took a day trip to New York City. The day was spent shopping and purely enjoying the city. While shopping I stopped in Buffalo Exchange (Chelsea) on 26th Street. Before this week I had never been in a Buffalo Exchange but I had heard a lot of good things about it. As someone who frequents thrift/consignment stores often it was only a matter of time before I took a trip there myself.

Overall I enjoyed my shopping experience in BE. The store was clean and while it was very crowded it was well organized. I guess I would only have one disclaimer for the store, which is, don’t expect thrift store prices. Unlike a lot of thrift stores BE is very aware of what brands/styles are popular; they know what items would be priced in a regular store and their prices reflect that instead of operating like most thrift stores where brand names and off brands are all cheaply and equally priced.

Anywho definitely stop by Buffalo Exchange when you’re in New York.  I picked up one shirt for $11 and everyone else I went with also picked up at least one item. So I’ll be sure to stop by it the next time I’m in New York, hopefully the Brooklyn and East Village stores too.

FYI: There is also a Buffalo Exchange in DC. 1318 14th St. NW. I’ll also be trying to stop in there sometimes soon as well.

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