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Dope Interviews From StyleLikeU

As most of you know StyleLikeU is one of ASI’s biggest inspirations when it comes to interviews. Their ability to capture the essence of a person is remarkable. Since I hadn’t been on their site in a while I had a lot of catching up to do. I found three interviews I decided to share on here.

The first one is Theophilus London, a NYC based hip-hop artist and fashion icon.

Forget the labels, forget how much it cost, the fit has to be right. If it costs $2 or $2000, the fit of the shirt, the fit of the pants has to be really definitive.

The second is Elle Dee, a DJ and NYC transplant from Brazil who frequents all black.

If I forget to put my perfume on, I’m coming back five floors up. I might not come back up for my cell phone but I come back up for this, I feel completely naked if I don’t have my scent going on.

My favorite interview, is the third one with Jesse Boykins III. JB III is another NYC artist who focuses on Neo-Soul R&B.

It’s kind of dangerous how influential music is & how influential art is to culture.

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