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Thrift Store Finds

This past Friday Alex and I went out to lunch and visited some thrift stores. The first thrift store we went to was Virginia Thrift in Alexandria, Va. off Richmond Highway (Route 1 South). The second one we went to was Indian Head Thrift Store in Forest Heights, Md. off of 210 close to Washington D.C.

Between the two thrift stores I spent right under $20 and bought a pair of shorts, a sweatshirt, two shirts, and two pairs of pants.


This anchor t-shirt I got at the thrift store in Maryland for $0.99. Well actually cheaper than that because I always use my military ID to get 25% off. Anywho it’s in my favorite color & no one ever said they have too many t-shirts, even though I probably do.


This sweatshirt I also got at the Maryland thrift store. It was $4 and is probably my favorite purchase from this outing.


Also from the Maryland store is this oversized white striped t-shirt. I’m a big fan of oversized t-shirts and slim fit pants/leggings so I’m sure it will get a lot of use. It was my most expensive item at $7 before the military discount.


The last item from the Maryland thrift store was these psychedelic shorts by Avia. They’ll be nice shorts to workout in and bum around in. They were $2.


As you all can tell I’m not much of a dress up person but when I do dress up I like to do it big. So these silk pants are perfect for the next time I have to go to a nice dinner or even church. They were from the Virginia thrift store and cost $5.


Also from the Virginia thrift store are these standard issue military camouflage cargo pants. This camo is no longer used in US military uniforms and pretty soon it will be obsolete because it’s not manufactured anymore. I know this because my father is in the Air Force and I myself am considering the armed forces. Anywho they were $4 and will be added to my extensive cargo section.

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2 thoughts on “Thrift Store Finds

  1. Cool leopard print pants! You had some nice finds- looks like mostly 80’s style 🙂

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