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Everyday Jewerly

Much to my dismay I recently lost my favorite necklace. While this necklace had nearly no monetary value, I loved it. The necklace was a wooden cross that had small pyramids covering the top of it.

Since I lost it, I decided I needed to get a new everyday necklace. When Kembrel had a sale last week I decided to look at some jewerly on there. Surprisingly I found a lot of pieces that I liked. The piece I ended up buying was a simple “Triangle Necklace” by Love, Smith, a Smith Town Market brand.

The necklace is vintage brass and the triangle was actually cut from a triangular shaped pipe. It retails for $29 on their site but on Kembrel It was originally $17 but I bought it for $14 and some change with the 20% sale discount.

Another piece of jewerly I wear everyday aside from a simple necklace is round beaded bracelets. So when I bought my new necklace I also bought two Zad bracelets for $4 each. One has white accents and the other has red accents.



They haven’t come in yet so I’m still anxiously awaiting their arrival 🙂


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