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That New New

I have new stuff. It’s not all necessarily new but they’re just items I have accumulated over the last month or so.

Glitter Dr Martens: I originally saw these a long time ago but forgot about them until i visited the site again to see they were on sale and in my size, so i decided to just buy them. I know they’d get a lot of wear. Glitter usually calls for attention but mixed with the black makes it subtle and perfect for me.

Black Flatforms: I literally have lived in these shoes since I got them. I love them and they’re surprisingly comfortable. I wonder what shoes I’ll be living in since I just got my docs??

Navy Blue Tote: This bag is from Zara. I got it on sale. I have been meaning to get a new tote and i absolutely love the color.

Pastel Green Purse: It was love at first site. I also got this on sale at Zara. There’s not much else I can say. I just love the color.

Pink Leather Shorts: Free People is that store I go in, fall in love with EVERYTHING, but only get one item(if that). Despite the prices being so high, I still love that store and was uber excited when i saw these shorts on sale seeing as the last time i was there they weren’t.

Denim Skirt: Recently, I posted about skater skirts and in that post I said I had my eyes on.

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One thought on “That New New

  1. Soo in love with the glittery shoes! I have a very similar slip-on Jimmy Choos but I hardly ever wear them! 😦 x

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