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Monroe Apparel

During my daily dose of tumblring, I noticed Ellie Fox in her Monroe garb announcing the drop of this UK brand. Monroe Apparel officially opened their online store this past Saturday releasing some interesting and most definitely intriguing pieces. From their Buddhist-inspired patterns to their depiction of a trilled out Marilyn as well as a play on a female’s lady parts, their collection has a nice range of stylistic and pretty entertaining options. The spectrum of clothing runs from hoodies, parachute style tops, and tanks to leggings and everyone’s favorite fall/winter accessory: the beanie. I’m a big fan of their color choices, as I’ve always loved deep burgundy and the right shade of mustard. They also keep it simple with a lot of black, greys, and whites with a hint of pastel here and there. One of my favorite tops is already sold out so if you like what you see, I wouldn’t wait on purchasing. Check out some of my favorite looks below and let ASI know what you think!

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