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Today I purchased a new pair of TOMS in Nordstrom for $54. I’ve been planning to get a new pair for a while and today it just happened. Since I already have a natural pair, I decided to get something that stands out a little more; so I got the Indo Classic in ash. I was drawn to these because of the pattern and color scheme.

The Indo Classic also come in two other colors, which I also liked and would consider buying at a later date. The two other versions I choose the Indo over were the Brushed Leopard and the Palmetto Classic.

Overall I think TOMS has come out with some great colorways this summer. I really love the vibrant patterns, different color soles, and the stonewashed look too. I’m just as excited to wear these Indo Classics as I was when I bought my first pair of TOMS last fall.

And not only did I get a great new pair of shoes, someone somewhere else did too!

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