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A Bathing Ape Women’s F/W 2012 Collection

Last week I stumbled across the latest and greatest from A Bathing Ape. As a hip-hop enthusiast I’ve had a long standing admiration for Bape and Nigo’s other business ventures in fashion. I like this collection because it is simple without being boring. The accents on each of the garments make them stand out for example: the words/plaid stitched down the zippered area of the jackets/button downs, the small logos on the button downs at the waist, and of course their signature camouflage.

Over the past few years Bape has toned the gaudy patterns down and what it has created is brand that can easily be integrated into a variety of closets of varying styles.

The larger pictures below show some of my favorite pieces!

I love this puffer jacket

These green boots are amazing.

I had a weird thing for ponchos this past F/W although I don’t own any. I think this phase is continuing.

Yes I have a long standing thing for vests and this one is no exception.

Check out the rest here

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One thought on “A Bathing Ape Women’s F/W 2012 Collection

  1. Bathing Ape Women’s F/W 2012 Collection are so beautiful. Puffer jacket and green shoes amazing.


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