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Milan Men’s Fashion Week

This past week Milan hosted the SS13 fashion week. One of the most interesting things I’ve stumbled past is this video from Mr. Porter. Instead of focusing on the new lines that were unveiled the video focuses on the street fashion that the attendees were wearing.

The video starts out with sunglasses. Right now what’s popular appears to be classic silhouettes in Tortoise and thick plastic finishes. Mirrored lenses are also quite big right now.

Then it moves to handheld accessories. Men with handheld accessories have always been an interesting thing to me but, with the technological shift to iPads and other tablets it has become extremely popular. Today a lot of men are carrying man purses & other small cases. These are best as statement pieces in bright colors, interesting textures,  and vibrant patterns.

Another accessory that has not always been as popular in menswear is bracelets, which were out in full force at MFW. There were a lot of skulls beads, and thick colored leather bracelets too.

Shoes were the last thing the video touched on and just like sunglasses there was a lot of classic silhouettes. A lot of rich leather with bright accents in the soles. Another style that is still very popular is the loafer, it has a sophisticated look that perfectly balances the work and play sides of fashion week.

So if you’re looking for some new accessories, these are just a couple of ideas to add that finishing touch to your next outfit.

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