Above Standard Issue

The New Kennedy’s

If you do not know by now I am in LOVE with A$AP Rocky an my love has grown even more because he stars in one of favorite new artists, Lana Del Rey’s video. My love for both of these artists has grown so much. I can honestly call myself a fan of both of them and appreciate how raw and original they are. But enough about my love for them and lets talk about the actual video.

This video is amazing. Everything from the story line to the wardrobe was done perfectly. It’s obvious through her music and style that Lana Del Rey is infatuated with a very vintage/50’s/60’s/70’s America and we see it in this video. Having A$AP Rocky in the video gave it a very cool feel. The way he carries himself and his “swagg” is untouchable. I appreciated how the video portrayed them as the Kennedy’s. Their chemistry was actually amazing as well. And of course, if the video was set in the 60’s that means there was an impeccable wardrobe. See for yourself below

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