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The Frame To Your Face

I don’t think a lot of females know just how important eyebrows are. Your eyebrows act as a frame to your face. If your eyebrows are off, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say your whole look is off. To battle this bad eyebrow problem many have turned to drawing in or filling in their eyebrows. Unfortunately, some make their situation much worse. The goal should be to make your eyebrows look very natural not like abstract lines going across the top of your forehead. I am sorry if I am being harsh but eyebrows have quickly became my biggest pet peeve.


I fill in my eyebrows as well, but I have found a shape that fits my face and that is what I think is the most important factor when “enhancing” your eyebrows! Also you need the right tools, people say don’t use black eyeliner but because my brows are dark it works for me! But my liner is like a light black. My best friend uses shadow, her brows are brown. It really depends on the color and thickness.

Me with my eyebrows filled in

Side View

Can You Imagine Celebrities with out Eyebrows? It is actually pretty Scary!


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