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Summer Trend Spotlight: Skater Skirts

Lately, as I’ve been online window shopping, I’ve seen a trend in skirts. In the last couple of seasons skirts haven’t played a large role in lines, lookbooks and especially my wardrobe. This could be credited to the re-emergence of the popularity of denim cutoffs and uniquely printed shorts. In the summer time, if it came down to a skirt or shorts, I definitely chose shorts. Recently though, I find myself falling in love with skirts, all of the same shape, the skater skirt. Below are some of my favs.

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I think my favorite is this AA denim skirt simply because it gives denim skirts a good name in a sense. Usually when I think of denim skirts I think of a denim skirt form Abercrombie with a frayed bottom.This is a relief from that look.

In order: Coral Skirt and Powder Blue Skirt are from NastyGal, Neon Green skirt is from SaboSkirt and the denim skirt is from American Apparel.

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