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Dead End Hip-Hop

I’ve been sick for the last couple days so I haven’t been really going out. Instead, I’ve been chilling at home, listening to good music and watching youtube videos. I usually watch album reviews before I actually go listen to the album myself. And I happen to stumble upon this youtube channel called Dead End Hip-Hop. I like the way they conduct their reviews and how they get into intense arguments about whether an album is good or not. And through them, I found a lot of underground hip-hop artist that I’ve never heard of without their videos. However, there are some album reviews that I completely disagree with and I must remember to keep in mind this is their opinions. So, next time you aren’t sure about an album and want a second opinion, go check them out. Also, they have other videos on their channel such as debates that are relevant to hip-hop.

Below are two of my favorite album reviews, the first is of Childish Gambino’s Camp & the second is Ab-Soul’s Control System.


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