Above Standard Issue

Thrift Store Pick Ups

Today I stopped by my local thrift store and picked up four items totaling $10 and some change.

The first item, which I actually picked up last were these American flag shorts. (Everything is coincidentally American flag-ish today, I promise I did not set it up like this lol) I found these shorts in the boys section, not the men’s section but the boys section. Anywho they were $1 and some change 50% off. Obviously the flag print is big right now and the fact that they’re running shorts makes them extra comfy so it was definitely a steal.

The second item, which I found appropriately in the women’s section is a natural toned linen pullover. It fits big but I liked it enough to still buy it. It has a hood and pockets too. This was my most expensive item at $6 and some change.

The third item is this geometric scarf. The scarf isn’t that big but I loved the print so it was a must buy. Most likely I will use it as a headband type of thing. This item was $1 and some change. Just like the shorts it was also 50% off.

The fourth item is…this denim visor. I have never been a visor person but I have heard through the blogosphere that they are making a comeback. Just to be above the standard issue I decided to swipe one in one of my favorite materials. The visor cost $1 and it was 50% off. I’m kind of excited to wear this item because it is somewhat out of my comfort zone although I love hats.

Overall this was definitely a successful run to the thrift store. I found some unique items and they are perfect for the summer. Sidenote: I shot these photographs (and the ones from the Washed Stripe post) on a wall in my bedroom at home.

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