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B.o.B. Live At UMD

This Friday I had the chance to see B.o.B. at UMD’s Art Attack. I requested a press pass so I was able to get up close for free. I’ve always been a modest fan of B.o.B. but this concert definitely made me appreciate his music more.

A couple of years ago when B.o.B. came out I was working in Hollister and they used to play a lot of his music so ever since then I’ve been listening to him. I’ve even covered his song Airplanes with my friend.

The concert was outside at Byrd Stadium UMD’s football field. It was a great night for a concert a.k.a. warm. I went with two of my friends so that only added to the experience. For the first half of the concert we were literally at the edge of the stage. For the second half we were a little further back on the ground. Overall it was a great show, he showcased a lot of new music off of Strange Clouds. From what I’ve heard his new album is really good and I’m looking forward to hearing it!

Check out the pictures

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