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The Beautiful Struggle

Recently The Brooklyn Circus released a test editorial solely featuring women. If you’re familiar with BKc then you know that they are a men’s clothing line. With that said their clothing is fairly androgynous with a significant lean towards the prep look.

BKc said the editorial was supposed to pay homage to the women who have supported their brand since 2006. They also said it was not only to highlight women and their identity in the brand but women and their identity in society.

To the women who raised us, and to our faithful female supporters who continue to creatively “Style” and add “Character” to our product; We realize how important you are, and we are thankful and appreciative.


The editorial was shot by Josh Farria who mainly shoots film but I must said it came out fairly nice.

Though only a couple shots have been released I like where The Brooklyn Circus is headed with this project…I also like the idea that this is only the beginning of stronger representation of women within their brand.

As far as the collection goes I think the prep look is classic and timeless. Some people have complained that BKc hasn’t changed their look enough over the past couple years but I’ve been following them for a while and I can honestly say their collections feel continuous. While they’re not making drastic changes season to season you can see differences in the details. In my opinion details are important because they’re what sets a brand apart from another. So while BKc is not the first or last to make a varsity jacket there’s an impeccable craftsmanship in how they do it.

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