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Adidas Originals

So by now I’m sure you all are fully aware of my obsession with Adidas! A couple of weeks ago they released this new visual featuring Yuna and Coco&Breezy. Yuna is a Muslim Malaysian singer signed to Pharrell’s Star Trek label. Coco & Breezy are twins and eyewear designers from NY.

The video is for Adidas Originals White Space Project, which is a project that exclusively targets women.* The event is based out of the Adidas Originals store in NY.

Overall I love the editing work done on the video the colors are crisp yet soft. I also like that it featured Yuna and Coco & Breezy because they contrast each other a lot. By putting people that are on opposite ends of the fashion spectrum Adidas shows its versatility and it’s ability to appeal to a broad range of people.

Anywho, check it out!

Side note: I promise you I’m not on some crazy feminism wave today, this is just the stuff I’ve been looking at lol

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