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Vans Spectator LX vs. Era LX Suede/Twill Canvas vs. Vault Spectator LX

The battle of the Vans begins and I can’t decide which side to vouch for. The material and color blocking is entirely too intriguing to pass up.

The Spectator LX initially caught my eye with its leather and suede combination. Even the detail around the outside of the leather is cool. I prefer the tan ones over the black yet Vans calls them brown/burgundy confusing me on how the color will look in person. Even if there’s a difference, I’m positive they’ll still look sweet.

When it comes to the Era LX Suede/Twill Canvas, the color blocking is more than amazing. From tan, brown and white to the blue and red, all with the tan laces; I could see myself with either pair.

Last but not least: the Vault Spectator LX. My favorite are the navy and the tan solely (no pun intended) because of the contrast in colors with the canvas.

Aren’t they great?! Needless to say, I’m struggling big time on which ones to choose. Regardless of the pair I end up buying, Vans is definitely stepping up their style and widening their audience by doing so.

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2 thoughts on “Vans Spectator LX vs. Era LX Suede/Twill Canvas vs. Vault Spectator LX

  1. +1 on the navy Spectator LX’s. They get my vote. Great post!

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