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Pac Div In Pictures

So as I said in my OOTD post yesterday evening I attended a Pac Div concert (opened by Nike Nando). It was a really good concert I would definitely recommend seeing them if you ever get the chance. I would also go to see them again the next time they’re in the DMV.

One of the best parts of the concert was the fact I got a front row seat. It was a beautiful night at UMD, I was eating McDonald’s, and watching Pac Div rap so close I could touch them. I don’t know too many things better than that right there. With that being said I got some amazing pictures from my vantage point I also shot a little bit of video too.

Here are the pictures and the video is soon to come. If you haven’t heard of Pac Div I also posted some of their music below.

P.S.  Like,  (the one with dreads) one of the members of the group complimented me on my style and we talked photography 🙂 

Both of these songs were performed last night!

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