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Concert Attire: Yesterday’s OOTD

Yesterday I spent my afternoon at an outdoor concert. The concert was headlined by Pac Div with an opening by Nike Nando. Overall the concert was awesome! Nando had a really good set. His hype man was also one of my friends so it was pretty funny. By sunset, after some other openers and freestyle battles, Pac Div came on and killed it! They were so energetic and charismatic that even if you didn’t listen to their music you could have enjoyed yourself. For me as a Pac Div fan I had a lot of fun, which you’ll see later when I upload the video footage.

Anywho onto my outfit…

Yesterday I wore the patterned hat I bought in Guatemala. I don’t remember how much I paid for the hat but I know it was pretty cheap once you convert quetzals to dollars.

The black crop shirt I wore was a hand me down from my dad. He put it in our goodwill pile so I took it and cut it up then put a couple pyramid studs in it.

The jean vest I bought from the thrift store $5.

The green pants I bought from H&M a couple of years ago for maybe $15.

Once again my Leopard Vans made a feature $44.

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