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“The Way I Pack”

I don’t know about you all but packing is so difficult for me! I love to travel but I hate the idea of consolidating my wardrobe and pre-planning outfits when I may not be in the mood to wear them later on.

I typically pack a week before a long trip and a day before short trips. The longest trip I’ve been on was 6 weeks (in Guatemala). I also often take short trips with my mom up & down the east coast for her job when I have nothing better to do.

For me packing usually involves a long check list via the whiteboard in my room, a suitcase which ranges from a backpack to a large suitcase or suitcases, and a lot of time! If I’m flying I also take a smaller bag/briefcase for the plane.

I usually roll my clothes and pack way too much. This is something I’m trying to stop doing. Anywho, here’s a video by Mr. Porter showing how a couple of business professionals & frequent travelers pack. Tips from the video are listed at the end.


  • Roll your clothes
  • Pick items that are versatile. Things that you can dress up & dress down
  • Pack the most difficult items first
  • Place small items in things like shoes (i.e ties, belts, socks)
  • Dustbags for shoes are helpful to keep the dirt off of your clothes
  • Pack in a comfortable & convenient place (most likely your bedroom)
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