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“Take Care” Official Music Video

Yes, the time has come for the much anticipated music video for Take Care by Drake featuring Rihanna. I’m no videographer or director but I can recognize art when I see it. I loved the use of light, depth, and angles throughout the video as well as the animalistic aspect, the hints of color, and the natural expressionism from both Drake and Rihanna. The whole video had a very simple approach which I appreciate because the song speaks for itself. In my opinion, art like this isn’t supposed to have one particular meaning but I’ve read around a bit and only really found one interpretation: the bull and fish representing Taurus and Pisces (Chris Brown and Rihanna’s zodiac signs). My initial understanding was that each figure symbolizes an aspect of a person or relationship; the bull=protection, the bird=freedom, the fire=being hurt, and the fish=strength & patience. The mountain top scenery adds to the minimalist vibe and I didn’t really have any ideas about the dancer. Overall, I think the concept really works for the song, regardless of what it may or may not mean. Take a look:

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One thought on ““Take Care” Official Music Video

  1. Great analysis! Enjoyed the post.

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