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Comme Des F*ck Down

A$AP Rocky is known for always wearing this Beanie that says “Comme Des Fuck Down” on it. There are other clothing items such as Snapbacks and crew-necks that also have this saying on it. Ever since I saw A$AP Rocky wearing this apparel, I wanted to know where I can get my hands on this brand.

After searching a couple of websites, I finally found where I can order apparel from this brand. The website is called ssurempirestate and they have a wide range of “Comme Des Fuck Down” apparel ranging from socks to crew-necks. Also, the items are at a reasonable price but I feel like the beanies are a little over priced at $32. However, I definitely plan on ordering a beanie soon. To start shopping for “Comme Des Fuck Down” apparel, Click HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Comme Des F*ck Down

  1. I want to purchase a couple comme des f down things, but I heard that website was a scam. Have you placed your order yet ? If so, did you get your order ?

    • None of us have ever ordered anything to my knowledge but I do have other friends outside the blog that have bought stuff of there and they received their orders.

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