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The PacSun Effect

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to shop. This past Friday I went to the mall with my mom. She kind of kidnapped me so I didn’t know where we were going but somehow we ended up at Annapolis mall because she needed to buy make-up (bareMinerals) and get a new iPhone headset from Brookstone.

While we were there I went into a couple of stores. I’m largely unimpressed with most of the retail offerings right now but that’s beside the point..Anywho I went into PacSun and left with a skirt and a shirt.

Since I’m a pretty avid PacSun shopper this was a regular stop on my mall must list. However I don’t typical buy anything from there unless it’s on sale. Like many stores PacSun (and Urban Outfitters) they have wonderful products that are often times over priced. But unlike other stores with subpar products their sales racks are filled with quality items that don’t look like you got them at a discount price.

Food for thought: Like clockwork almost every time I go into PacSun I leave with something wonderful at a ridiculously cheap price. The PacSun sales rack is definitely one of my shopping secrets!

For instance on Friday I got a chiffon lo-high skirt for $14. Both chiffon and lo-hi shirts/skirts/dresses are in so together the two looks are pretty epic. The second item I got was a lo-high t-shirt with a chiffon back $12. I would show you the items now but an OOTD is soon to come 🙂

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