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Michael Jordan the “rapper”?

I am very disturbed by a recent article on Vogue Italia stating trends to watch out for. Among those trends they have written about is “rapper style” which was created by none other than Michael Jordan. I came across this from a recent post on Refinery 29’s blog. Besides none of those “trends” in the post being started by Rappers, they are just completely incorrect. This is so disturbing because it brings up a larger issue in the fashion world; the ignorance that is often overlooked. After reading this post and others, specifically from Italian Vogue titling an editorial “Slave Earrings”, I am completely fed up. It seems that some people in the fashion world are so conceited and so stuck up that they don’t care. May be they do not realize their ignorance but I honestly feel as though if it were brought to their attention they would not care or do anything about it. Feel free to leave comments telling us how you feel.

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3 thoughts on “Michael Jordan the “rapper”?

  1. cocottrell on said:

    Perpetuating stereotypes is not a fashion trend. It just makes them look completely clueless and lost in their own little fashion bubble where it’s okay to use ignorant phrases because it’s “art”. No, Vogue should know better.

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