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OOTD: What do you wear to a wedding?!

Today I attended my friend Trish’s wedding. I’ve known Patricia for 10 years now, in fact we’ve grown up across the street from each other. Our bedrooms face each other…When we were younger we were extremely close; we used to walkie talkie from our houses long before we had cell phones…On Christmas we’d hold our presents up in the window to show them to each other…As we got older we grew apart, but not really for a particular reason. We just got busier as we got older, we also ended up going to high school an hour apart from each other.

Nevertheless it was nice to be apart of her special day, the wedding was beautiful and the reception was filled with good food and laughter.

Aside from the actual festivities, there was the daunting question of what to wear! Considering the fact that I was on spring break I had less clothing options since my clothes were split between home and school.

In the end aka (four or five outfits later) I wore this blue dress from Forever 21 $29. I love this dress because of the cowl neck and the fact that my back is out. Unfortunately I had to keep it quite conservative so I threw on this yellow-green jacket from Banana Republic. I don’t know how much this jacket cost because I got it from my mom. Paired with the jacket I wore some sheer black tights and a pair of St. John’s pumps that I borrowed from my mom. The pumps were way out of my budget in the $400 range but it was nice for a girl to dream 🙂

*Sorry for the bad quality of the wedding pics, they were taken on my iPhone

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