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DIY Hex Nut Bracelet

Last night in ode to the end of my spring break I decided to work on a little DIY project. The project was a hex nut bracelet I saw on Honestly WTF.


  • 18 small hex bolts, I used silver 1/4 ones
  • 3 strands of 1 yard string, the original instructions called for butcher’s twine but I used colored yarn
  • tape to secure the bracelet as you’re making it

The instructions:

  1. Gather your materials 
  2. Cut string into three one yard sections
  3. Since I used a thinner material for the string, I doubled it by cutting an identical one yard section & twisting them together.
  4. Here’s the doubled one yard sections. 
  5. Now knot the three sections together at the top (leave about two inches above the knot).
  6. Braid the string for an inch or two. 
  7. After braiding the string for an inch or two start incorporating the hex nuts in. Start the hex nuts on the outer strings. For example, insert a nut on the left string, cross it over the middle, hold the nut from the left string firmly while inserting a nut onto the right string, then cross it over.
  8. Repeat this process until all 18 nuts are braided in. Sidenote, don’t braid in between inserting the bolts because it won’t achieve the same look.
  9. After braiding all the hex nuts in braid the string a little more, stop when you feel comfortable.
  10. The bracelet will wrap around your wrist two or three times. You can trim it to your liking if you don’t want it to wrap around.
  11. Finally it’ll look like this.

By the way, I spray painted one hex nut light blue just to add a little accent.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the way this bracelet turned out. I used the colored yarn this time around because I thought it looked more summery but, I’ll probably make another one soon with a more neutral colored string just so I can wear it everyday.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Hex Nut Bracelet

  1. I’m always doing Honestly…WTF tutorials, next time I’m going to do your accent. I’m wearing alot of pastels, so it’s a really smart idea!


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