Above Standard Issue


The sun is shining, the flowers and trees are blossoming, the weather is beautiful! I am on spring break and this is the best day that we have had. I could not bare to spend another day in the house lounging around in my pajamas, so I decided to get dressed and head out. Hopefully, I make it to see Hunger Games today! If i do not, I will still enjoy this weather.


Well, on to some of the things you guys might care more about  lol CLOTHES!!

I have already shown you guys my shirt and vest in a previous post, and being the devoted readers I know you guys are (wink wink) you are already aware that I got the two from VCU’s thrift store called Rumors.

I got the high waisted shorts from my mother a while ago. They were something she use to where and grew out of. But in any case the brand is Karen Scott.

I had always been hesitant about wearing feather ear rings. Since I have a short haircut I thought they would be too overwhelming, but they are growing on me. I got them from a store by the name of Charming Charlie. The store is really cool, everything is color arranged! I believe they were between 5-7 dollars .

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