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Fashion Star

Fashion Star is a new television show that displays garments made by designers and are then auctioned to be bought by retailers, H&M, Saks Fifth and Macy’s. There are three judges on the show one of which is fashion trend setter Nicole Ritchie. Designers present three outfits each episode and retailers have the option of buying the designers items. The items that are sold are available for consumers to buy the very next day.

I love the shows concept it reminds me of the fashion version of the show The Voice. I used to be a huge fan of project runway and since then I haven’t seen any other show that focused on upcoming designers until now. The show airs on NBC every Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c. I think you guys who enjoy making your own clothes and creating your own trends will enjoy this series.


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One thought on “Fashion Star

  1. bonkasaurus on said:

    I haven’t watched it yet but the show has gotten a lot of hype recently. When i go to the mall they have ads for it like crazy.

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