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Tie-dye D.I.Y

In my previous post you guys might have noticed the tie-dye sweatshirt that I was wearing in my OOTD. I unexpectantly made that sweatshirt over the weekend with my Bestfriend. We decided that we wanted to tie-dye some t-shirts and I personally wanted to ombré an oxford shirt. We went to Walmart to pick up our tie-dye kit but found no v-neck shirts or oxford shirts that we liked. Since finding shirts was a fail we bought a pair of socks to tie-dye, right before we got in line I found white sweatshirts for only a $1 along with white leggings for $5.
The tie-dye kit was really easy to follow.
1) rinse clothes in washing mashing
2) add water to the colored powder to create the tie-dye colors
3) choose which pattern you want to do (instructions come with the kit)
4) once you have tye-died your items place them in a plastic bag
5) let the clothes sit for 6-8 hrs
6) Rinse the clothes until they no longer drip dye
7) wash items separately in warm water then place in dryer

I followed two patterns for the socks and the leggings but I created my own design when it came to the sweatshirt. After I put the tie-dye on the sweatshirt I placed it in a bag filled with water to make the colors look more faded and blended.

Overall this was a really fun project and I love all of my tie-dye items. Now that the weather is getting warmer this would be a cool project for the spring.










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