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As seasons change my wardrobe does too. I keep some essential items but i definitely switch it up. Despite me being a broke college student, I have gone shopping the past 3 weekend; doing a little here & there and finding great sales. I have summed up all my recent purchases in this post. Most of it is black. I love all black, but I surprisingly have some bright colors mixed in.

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Leggings – Zara 35.99; I had been looking for leggings like this and I have some pants from Zara similar so when I found them I had to get them. I couldn’t decide between black or green but my best friend advised me to get green b/c I wear too much black.

T-Shirt – Zara 19.99; This was just on a whim. I had found the leggings & was so excited I decided to just get a shirt to match & that I could wear again with anything. I love having basics that go with anything.

kimono/shawl – Urban Outfitters 14.99; My favorite purchases just b/c I had been looking for one and I saw some on Wasteland but they weren’t in my price range. If you’re looking for one similar check out Etsy.

Sweater – Urban Outfitters 9.99; I saw this sweater when I was in New York and I was going to get it but I didn’t so when I saw again I knew it was meant to be.

Belt – Urban Outfitters 24.99; It was time for a new belt and I love the buckle.

Pumps – Nordstrom 69.99; I was in dire need of some basic black pumps to wear with anything. I was ecstatic when I saw these and saw that they were on sale.

Flatform Sandals – shopwasteland.com 45.00; These are probably my second favorite item on the list after the kimono/shawl. I don’t really wear brights that often but when I do, I like for them to be in my accessories or shoes. I love wearing all neutral and a contrasting bright shoe or bag. Im overall just really excited to wear these this Spring/Summer.

Skinnies – F21 29.80; Funny how I came across these. I originally went into F21 just for some cheap wide leg or peg legged pant to wear since the weather is going to be nice this week and I was not prepared. Mind you, I am not F21’s biggest fan, so I walked around the entire store, did not find anything and was about to leave. I then decided to walk back around because I could not believe they did not have what I wanted. That’s when I saw these pants. Even though I don’t wear brights I fell in love with the color. These may become some of my favorite pants.


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