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Mark’s Playlist: WZRD

Kid Cudi has teamed up with producer Dot da Genius to release a duo project entitled WZRD. This entire album is of rock/pop genre with no raps just singing. If you are familiar with Kid Cudi’s other albums, it shouldn’t be to0 different because his first two albums were alternative albums. However, the vibe that comes off this album is much less dark compared to his past albums. The album also contains no profanity, Kid Cudi said he wanted to make it a “universal album.” Kid Cudi provides all of the vocals while Dot da Genius is responsible for the drums, guitars and beats. Together they consider themselves a band called WZRD just like the title of the album.

I normally don’t listen to rock music but I am open to all music so decided to buy the album. Even though its different from Kid Cudi’s other works, in my personal opinion, I like the album. I think is a good solid album. My only issue is that there were only a few songs and that some of the beats sounded similar. My favorite tracks of the album are “High Off Life,” “Teleport 2 Me,” and “Where did you sleep last night?” It is definitely a good album, not the best or ground breaking music but it is nice to listen too.


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