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One Day Without Shoes: April 10th

A year ago I heard about “One Day Without Shoes” an annual event created by TOMS Shoes. As most people know from their commercials and packaging itself for every pair of shoes bought they give a pair of shoes to someone who needs them.

Even before I purchased my first pair of TOMS I was a fan of their activism and intuitiveness. In fact I heard about “One Day Without Shoes” before I had a pair of my own TOMS.

Last year I couldn’t participate in the event because I was at a catholic high school where I would of gotten in trouble for walking around with no shoes.

This year now that I’m at a public college, I feel it’s my duty to participate. I know it’s kind of crazy to walk around bare foot for a day but it’s also crazy to think of how many shoes I have in my closet and to know that some people don’t have any at all.

“One Day Without Shoes” especially hits home for me because a couple of years ago I spent a summer in Guatemala teaching and playing basketball. I remember teaching kids drills while they played in their bare feet, or in shoes with holes so big I could see their toes. While it was shocking for me it was nothing new for them. This experience alone is a big reason why I feel the need to go barefoot April 10th.

I made a t-shirt just to help myself not back out

Even if you wear shoes on April 10th, maybe you can wear a t-shirt to support the cause. Anywho I just thought it was a interesting project and a nice way to raise awareness without donating money.

Click here to learn more about the event from TOMS

Click here for you event toolkit

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