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Being from the DMV, Nikes and Air Jordan’s are a part of our culture. However, I must admit that we are very picky with the kinds Nikes and Air Jordan’s that we lace on our feet. People wouldn’t wear shoes that you can normally get any day at a local FootLocker or Finishline. People from the DMV like to wear the exclusive Nikes and Air Jordan’s, meaning Nikes such as Foamposites, Lebrons and numbered Retro Air Jordan’s. These shoes are usually sold out with in the day they are released or a few days after. So if you didn’t get the chance to go to the store sometime that week then your probably at a loss.

However, fear not FlightClubNY and FlightClubLA is the answer! There are only two stores in the entire world, hence in New York and Los Angeles.  However, FlightClubNY does have a website where you can not only order shoes but also G-Shocks, graphic tees, beanies, snapbacks and much more. They sell the most exclusive shoes that can’t be found any where such as all numbered Retro Air Jordan’s, Foamposites, LeBrons, Kobes and even Air Yeezys. They are all authentic shoes, they sell NO FAKES. So what’s the catch? Well, there shoes come at a steep price. But, if you have the money and are willing to spend a couple hundred dollars on some shoes then you’ll love it. To check there website out, Click the link HERE.

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  1. olenamiss on said:

    a must visit place!

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