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Assembling An Accessories List

Anyone who knows me or has ever seen me in person knows I’m a big fan of accessories. I love them all from hats to earrings to sunglasses to necklaces to belts…You name it, I got it or I’ve made it.

As spring is on the cusp of, well springing on us I’ve been looking for some new accessories as well as clothes.

More so accessories though, recently I decided I needed a new everyday necklace, a new iPhone case, and anything else that I deem necessary.

Part of the reason I’ve been online window shopping so much is because I’ve recently come across some really great online stores

1) Shop Jeen, Shop Jeen is an online store run by Erin Yogasundram, a GW student. This site is awesome and has everything from iPhone cases to rings to collars to purses. The site is really comprehensive and operates from a range of $12-300.

2) Paper & Chain is an online store created by two friends Naomi & Ismay. All of their jewerly is handcrafted. They are currently on their third collection. Their work is simple and elegant with metal finishes. *The site is currency is euros but I think their pieces might be worth that trip across the pond. (In the pictures listed below I’ve converted the prices)

3) Minoux is an online shop run out of a barn in Portland, Oregon. The pieces are a perfect cross between the vibrancy of Shop Jeen & the simplicity of Paper & Chain. Another thing I like about Minoux is they are environmentally conscious, twice a year they hold an event where you can give them your silver to recycle in exchange for store credit. They also have a 100% warranty that will replace any piece that breaks under excessive wear.

*Within the next month ASI will be featuring an interview with Shop Jeen owner Erin Yogasundram.


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