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Stylitics: The Definition of Modern Fashion

A couple of weeks ago, I got an invitation to join Stylitics. Back then it was in it’s beta stage, now it’s open to the world and everyone fashion lover should know about it.

Stylitics is essentially a closet organizer and a online fashion forum. The concept is interesting because you can visually organize your closet in order to post what you wear each day and plan what you’re wearing for the next day. It can give you stats of how many times you’ve worn an item and when. It can suggest colors for the next day and give you personal statistics based on brands you wear. Each stylitic user has their own profile which displays outfits, style icons, wish lists, trends you’re currently into etc.

With all this said I must post a disclaimer, Stylitics is a very time intensive site at least it is when you first create your profile. In order for them to know what’s in your closet, who your icons are, what your favorite clothing item is etc. you must give them all this information.

For this reason I just set up my profile tonight even though I’ve known about the site for about a month. You can see my profile here. I think I’ll add items to my closet as I wear them. I still think the concept is amazing, but like any new movement it has its kinks to be worked out.

Check it out here

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