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My New Uggs

This past Wednesday my new Uggs came in the mail. It’s kind of funny posting about these boots one because they’re somewhat taboo in the fashion world and two because I wasn’t really planning on getting these.

Uggs have long straddled the line of being too ugly for fashion and too comfortable not to wear. Within recent years Uggs have revamped their brand in order to become more accepted in the fashion world. Just last year Uggs had a collaboration with Jimmy Choo. Aside from that collaboration Uggs now come in several different styles and colors.

I said I wasn’t planning on getting these because originally for Christmas I had received a new lens for my Nikon. Unfortunately the lens didn’t perform as well as I expected to so I returned it. From the money used to for my lens  by mom bought me some perfume and these Uggs.

This cactus flower pair of Uggs makes number 6 for me. Interestingly enough I was never a fan of the super short Uggs mostly because they defeat the point of Uggs. However, when I saw these in Nordstrom I fell in love with them. It was something about the combination of a bright color and short boot that just did me in.

Now I have them and I couldn’t be happier.

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