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Underground King: Andreas Wijk

Andreas Wijk is a Swedish singer. He has a personal blog, but in order for us to read it it has to be translated into English. Here it is. I’ve been following Andreas since 10th grade and I have yet to be disappointed by one of his outfits. I found out about him through Lookbook. Dealing with lookbook it’s hard to find a person who’ll impress you by every post they upload. A lot of the styles are more futuristic and out there, just not really for me, or too expensive to afford.

What I admire about Andreas is his signature for simplicity. He never wears anything to flashy, but focuses more on his colors and fits. I’ve realized in the past few months, I’ve been mimicking the same thing. I love patterns, but I’m more a fan of bold colors. With that, I’ve learned in order to stand out you have the right clothes to fit your frame. That’s the hard part. It took me the longest time to realize that just because something fits so perfectly on the mannequin it will not always fit the same on me. As I get older, I look to people like Andreas for inspiration to help me out with colors and the way things may or may not fit.

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