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House of Paradise Interview

For those unfamiliar with House of Paradise, it is a budding clothing line based in the area defined as the DMV. Popular among high school and college students alike, You’re sure to know someone with a t-shirt or the infamous “We Ain’t Choosing” sweatshirt from the brand. With their growing popularity, I figured it was finally time to get the details about the line and where it is going.

ASI: How long have you been interested in fashion?

HOP: Ever since I was born

Who/what inspires your own personal style?

My best friend because she is so different, because I would see her wearing something that no one knows about and then people would get hip months later. My father also inspires me. Im very observant, so anyone I walk past, I look at their outfit & see the potential no matter who they are.

When did you decide you wanted to start a line?

We didn’t start branching off until the end of November, but we first started in the middle of October. The end of November is when we really had a name for ourselves.

What was the inspiration behind the name?

Heaven because that is the ultimate paradise, there’s a scripture that says something about Heaven being the house of paradise. There’s nothing better than paradise, everyone wants to have that perfect place.

Where do you see HOP in the next ten years?

All over the US, at least the Eastern Shore and the UK.

Why the UK?

Because that’s where I’m moving.

Does the UK inspire you at all?

Yea, because I like a lot of European fashion, but I’m mostly inspired by the DMV, it has a unique style of way of dressing and putting things together.

Do you think the DMV gets enough credit for the style scene here?

No, no disrespect to the people that put on for the DMV but they don’t really represent it to its fullest extent. We are just as good as people in NY or LA.

Who wears HOP?

As far as males, Dom Kennedy because he has a smooth style that is so unique. You don’t have to say so much b/c the swag is already there. As far as females, Kelow a female rapper in the DMV, the way she carries herself is so unique, her style, her clothes, the feather in her. She doesn’t have to say or do much either, the swag is already there.

For purchases go here

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