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Lauren Joan: Glam Necklaces & More

Lauren Bulbin, a local jewerly designer has been creating boutique buzz and ASI wanted to know a little more about the brand and the creator behind it.

Lauren Joan is the brand’s title which, is obviously derived from the creator’s name herself. Lauren currently spends her time working, studying fine arts and photography, and creating these beautiful jewerly pieces.

One day Lauren hopes to make the brand her full-time job but for now she is expanding her craft and exploring the business of it all.

ASI: How did you get involved in jewelry design?
Lauren: When I made my first piece it was because I couldn’t find what I wanted, a durable, well made, statement piece, at the price I could afford. When I realized that I could do the same thing and not spend every cent to my name in the process, I made my first necklace. The next day I wore it to school and everyone was asking where I got it and if they could get one. From there it snowballed into what is now Lauren Joan.
Did you apprentice under anyone or go to an arts/design school? Are you in school now?
Most of what I do is from past knowledge and art education I received during summer programs, as well as common sense. I have not been formally educated in jewelry design. But in the future it is something I would like to pursue more seriously, maybe even some metal-smithingclasses. As of right now I am studying photography and fine arts.
Who would you say the Lauren Joan brand caters to?
I want my work to be something everyone feels they can be a part of and have in their wardrobe. I think the work I do now caters to working girls, or as I refer to them “Girls on the go”, my customers are looking for pieces that are affordable, durable and fashionable. Something they can throw in their bag on the metro ride home from work and throw back on when they go out for drinks with friends. My work is all about turning a shirt and jeans into an outfit. I want people to wear my pieces and feel more confident than they did before.
Do you design things other than jewelry?
I do. I have made specialty pieces, like chain dresses and vests. I have also made Swarovski crystal covered glasses, which I still sell on my site. And I hope to be making t-shirts in the very near future.
How often do you release new pieces?
I do a collection every season, and intermittently release pieces during the season. I also make custom pieces upon request.
What’s your ultimate goal for the brand?
I would eventually like Lauren Joan to be a large fashion house and household brand, but that’s a long way down the road.
What role do accessories play in your wardrobe/daily outfits?
I love classic basic pieces. I use accessories to dress them up and turn my classic pieces into one of kind outfits.
What influences your style in terms of the clothes you wear?
The biggest influences in my sense of style are historical icons and musical figures. I like to take what I see them wearing and make it my own. For instance, I love Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel, Audrey’s sense of style was classic and understated, very elegant. Coco Chanel was the same but on a much grander scale, she was all about innovation and comfort in her aesthetic. Neither of them thought about what was trendy or cool they simply thought about how they wanted to express themselves. That is something I try to emulate in my wardrobe. I also love Madonna, Stevie Nicks and Edie Segdwick’s sense of style, they’re style is all about freedom and feminism. I try to mix up what I love and create outfits I actually looks good in.
Flats or heels? Why?
It depends on the outfit and the destination. But I am a firm believer that when in doubt, put on your high heels and charge.
Favorite High end brand? Why?
Of all time, Chanel, I am always amazed by their unwavering ability to stay relevant. But as of this instant, Rodarte, their most recent collection of Van Gogh inspired fabrics and designs, is absolutely beautiful.
Favorite affordable brand? Why?
This is a tie between H&M, ASOS, Romwe and American Apparel. H&M, ASOS and Romwe always have the best clothes at great prices. I have a ton of pieces from them that I wear all the time and have made great additions to my closet. American Apparel is my go to hot spot for anything basic and sometimes they have amazing pieces that are not your run of mill sweater or circle skirt.
What’s your go-to everyday outfit?
Black leggings, black shirt, cute sweater, a Lauren Joan necklace of course and either my favorite Boutique 9 heels or Uggs.
Visit the Lauren Joan website here to see more pieces and snag a piece of your own.
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