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Just Don: Buck 50 Hats

As you all know, Snapbacks are back! This trend that was more prevalent in the 90s has returned. However, Kanye’s long time best friend and manger, Don C, decided to customized these snapbacks by adding snakeskin to the brim and the snap. As Don C describe it, it was called Buck 50 hats because you need to be able to have $150 dollars to afford them. This was a style that Don C brought back and even made it even more popular today. Artist such as Jay-Z, Kanye and Big Sean wear these customized snakeskin snapbacks. Each snapback is custom made by Don C and he normally uses the brand Mitchell & Ness as the snapback. As far as I know, they are only available at a store in Chicago called RSVP Gallery which Kanye and his friends opened up. They are officially called Just Don snapbacks. I would like to buy one myself but each snapback comes at a steep price at $400-$500 dollars.


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